Saturday, March 7, 2020

Is This Something?

 It will be interesting to see what happens as November looms.

You know damn well she'll be on her way when the time is right......


  1. Since Biden doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the election I ain't too worried about Psycho Killery getting close enough to her former haunts to be a credible threat.
    Besides Trump being who he is, it has always been hard historically to unseat a President in times of prosperity. Of course this whole Corona Virus thing has been hyped to the gills by the MSM as an attempt to crater the economy.
    But that's just a coincidence, right?
    These Deep State fuckers are persistent as hell.
    Maybe a few high profile charges against some of the more obvious participants might go a long ways towards throwing sand in their gears.
    (Cough Cough, Hillary)
    Sounds to me like she might be a bit busy here shortly and if she pulls that "I can't remember" bullshit 75 times then I would start screaming about that making her unfit for office her damn self.
    Fucking Bitch.

  2. If Biden is elected with the Hyena as VP, his survival longevity goes to zero on a VERY short timeline.

    Now we know why Hyena had that documentary produced recently with Bill admitting that he got BJ's in the Oval Office by "that woman, Ms. Lewinsky". I really hope the DNC is that stupid. It'll be great entertainment watching the clips of President Trump crucifying her in public AGAIN. Go long Orville Redenbocker.


  3. Demos know people hate her even worse than Gropin' Joe (for a guy who's loved by blacks and unions, funny how he never won an election outside DE until now when they had to fix everything for him), so I wouldn't worry too much.

    Now that Super Tuesday has been digested and it's becoming obvious the Doofus from Dover won't have a snowball's chance of saving the House (the Squaddies did lousy), it's going to be interesting to see how fast he has an "accident" and has to withdraw, leaving Bernie as the only guy they've got.

    (unless you're thinking Newsom/Northam; what, Pelosi/Schumer?)

  4. It's the only way to keep her ass out of jail. Don't think all that botox and lifting was for 'looks', do you?


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