Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Who What When Where Why and How.. An Theoretical Explanation of the Coronavirus. LINK FIXED

3/4/20  link fixed to Harvard2thebighouse,my apologies.

 I found this over at THEBURNINGPLATFORM and felt it was worth posting.

For the next 30 minutes, take a bike tour, in the rain, around Pittsburgh as this guy talks about the coronavirus.

"JC on a bike" references this blog >>  HARVARD2THEBIGHOUSE<< if you want to read the post.

Here's the video discussing and explaining his theory based on the above blog of the coronavirus


  1. Very interesting. Oh, the link doesn't work for me:(

    Thanks for all the posts, I love this site!!

  2. The dude is fookin' out of his mind riding his bike in traffic like that. I was expecting him to get splattered at any moment.

  3. I wonder what model electric bike that was. 20mph looked like no problems.

  4. Pretty damn informative video.
    he seems to confirm everything bad I have heard about this virus plus threw in a few things I didn't know or wouldn't have expected. Still no smoking gun of how it got out about for the public to enjoy though.
    No surprises about multiple governments and the media lying their asses off either.
    This shit is just getting started over here and people are already freaking the fuck out.
    You ain't seen nothing yet.
    Mid to late April and it is going to be everywhere.
    They are already saying that it has probably been getting spread around Washington state since fucking January.
    There is a shit show coming and the fact that TPTB have known about this and are manipulating the flow of information about it to make more money in the stock market makes them accessories to willfully negligent homicide, if not outright murder, in my book.

  5. Hey Irish... Dirt Road Youngin here...
    Checkout these 2 C-19 Virus tracking sites:
    24/7 constant updates
    World map with click on for cases.

  6. Is that the Forth Bridge under construction!


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