Saturday, December 7, 2019


 Lately I have been cleaning up spam comments from a couple up-scale countries...

and then THESE guys, download some FFF images then SPAM my comments.

Notice the 8 downloads.....

 Then the comment SPAM:

I've turned the "word verification " back on for the comments. Thanks for understanding.


  1. Hey Irish;

    I had to turn on the verification, several weeks I got hit hard, over 1000 spam comments, each day from midnight to 0600. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, had over 3000 total. That is when I turned on verification. Spammers suck

  2. The weird part is that it looks to me like they will pick one of our sites and then work down the blog roll.
    Fuckin' ASSHOLES!
    I had to turn the comments clear off on my old site, twice.


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