Sunday, December 1, 2019

You Feel OId When You Realize That 40 Years Ago Yesterday...

"The Wall" was released.

David Gilmour playing Comfortably Numb in '87 or '88 according to the description accompanying this video:

Here's an interesting article about the album:

Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ Turns 40 | Anniversary Retrospective


  1. I thought it was bad when the cartoons I saw as a kid, and watched with my kids I now watch with my grandson. WE ARE OLD Irish just like a good bottle of whiskey.

  2. Ahhhh, yes, remember that time of my life very well. Had just broken up with a hot little chick, and was somewhat unsettled. A lot of that album seemed to fit my life to a tee at the time.

  3. Fantastic Album. Curious though. Mike, is that Debra Harry, AKA., BLONDIE singing backup? Sure looks like her.


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