Saturday, December 7, 2019

So Long mASSachusetts, We hardly knew ya....

 I got a call from my Mother earlier this evening. She was ranting about something she heard on the Howie Carr radio show.

Check out what the lawmakers are proposing:

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, DEC. 5, 2019 (State House News Service) — Supporters of increasing fees on ride-hailing trips, expanding highway tolls, and charging drivers for every mile they travel made their cases to lawmakers Thursday, each pitching their respective proposal as a necessary source of revenue to address the state’s growing transportation needs.

Several key House members have hinted that they are likely to include an increase in the state’s 24-cents-per-gallon gasoline tax in a transportation revenue bill that Speaker Robert DeLeo is eyeing for release next month, but other ideas put on the table during a Transportation Committee hearing on Thursday could supplement that revenue stream. MORE<<

They just keep spending and spending and spending and spend.... you get my drift. Now they need more money and have to try and find a way to fuck the little guy just a little more.... 

Here's how the serfs should be acting.....

 Here's how they will act....


  1. But the Massholes will go along with it. I rented a car in Boston over Thanksgiving for 5 days to travel to New Hampshire. The car rental was $260 but the 9 additional charges and fees were all taxes that totaled an additional $159. If I had taken the interstate North going through the tolls it would have been an additional $30. I spent an extra 5 minutes driving around the tolls.

  2. Increase the gasoline tax? Again? Makes me want to go out and buy an electric or high MPG hybrid.

    Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

  3. ...then they wonder why the last 4 or 5 Speakers of Mass. House are doing or have done time in jail for ... wait for it ... CORRUPTION. Mass. voters are about the dumbest people in the USA. Why you ask? They keep electing the same type of pol that is and has been STEALING THEM BLIND for the last couple hundred years, just because they love them some Democrats. I mean if they can RE-elect Liawatha (Pocahontas as Trump calls her), a woman that has boldfacedly LIED about her ancestral heritage for academic and economic gain for all of her life, how smart can they be.


  4. Democrat=High taxes

  5. Michigan gasoline tax is almost 19 cents, plus the federal tax of almost 19 cents, making it 38 cents. Then they charge 6% sales tax. At 2.50$ a gallon, that is another 18cents, for a total of 54 cents. Now, our new governor, Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, of course, wants to add 45 cents to the price of a gallon of gas, to fix the damn roads, as she said during her campaign.
    Of course, she did not mention the 45 cents in added gasoline taxes during her campaign. She is really popular with the Democrats in the state, but not so much with the Republicans.
    Currently I think we are about # 4-6 in the country, but the government denies it. Of course, if we were to add 45 cents, we would hold the honor of being #1.

  6. You know, people say that "you get the government you deserve", but in reality you get the government your neighbors deserve, and nobody likes that.

    I thought everyone called it Taxachusetts? I heard that so long ago I forget when the first time was.

  7. I feel your pain Irish. Fellow Conservative stranded in a sea of liberal morons who would vote for a potted plant (or Liz Warren) if it had a "D" beside its name. There is plenty of money, they just need to shift a billion on what is currently spent on illegals (~$1.8B) to fund transportation. If we had a genuine Republican Governor, maybe we would stand a chance. But Charlie Baker, a sheep in sheep's clothing, is worthless. Pathetic.

  8. As a FORMER Mass-hole I can say that I'm so glad I self deported in '90. I do miss the cheap Lobster and the Fried Clams (with the bellies) among a few other things. I'm sure the patriots of Lexington and Concord are thoroughly disgusted to see what the Bay State has become. I know I was.

  9. Anon in CA: Hah! We pay 98 cents per gallon in various taxes. 98 cents. I would dearly love to only pay 24 cents. Regardless of the rhetoric, our state government only uses about 20% of those taxes for road maintenance. The other 80% goes to whatever pet project CA gov wants, like bullet trains nobody wants.

  10. I live in Connecticut, the former-Constitution state; we are in competition with Massachusetts to the race to the bottom....D= confiscatory taxation


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