Sunday, December 8, 2019

Shotgun Joe demonstrates once again that his driveway doesn't make it all the way out to the main road.

It is cruel to pretend that this is a man in charge of his faculties. Check out this latest brain fart by the Dim-O-Rat frontrunner.


  1. He's just a puppet anyway.
    They aren't even trying to hide that shit anymore.

  2. He's worse than my mother was at the same age. Mum had dementia that got progressively worse as she aged. She lived to 98. I have nothing but pity for Joe. He's definitely on the down slope of that disease.


  3. aside from the fact he is an evil elitist that thinks he better than working class folks....

  4. I don't think it's dementia. As best as I remember over the past 35+ years he's always been this stupid. This is Joe being Joe.

  5. Shhhhhhh! until after the primary!!!!


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