Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Be On The Lookout For Agent Provocateurs In The Second Amendment "Awakening" in Virginia

This is what Kaiserworks had to say: "Time to keep eyes open for Agent Provocateurs in the pro 2A rallies or an incident directed at an anti-2A Politician. I can tell you right now that when you see ‘breaking news’ and the badged orcs kitted up responding to some crisis, it will not be from our side. I implore those at the rallies, that if they see anyone smelling of an undercover Fed, contractor or even someone off their meds, be vocal and notify all those around you to the Trojan horse in your midst. Early warning and exposure may be the only thing that can derail a psyop or blackhat operation in progress".

From The Captain's Journal via Wirecutter


  1. Its a sad statement when resistance or partisans KNOW that "the good guys" will kill innocents to further their twisted agenda.


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