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Friday, February 8, 2019

Thought For The Day....

  Let's just say the Democrats actually get all their agenda put into place and we have new

progressive/ socialist overlords, do they really believe they will be sitting here a few years later 

and having a say in how things are run?

 Yes, I know they THINK they will but "useful idiots" are just that.


  1. Where are their pointy hats. Must have left them outside.

  2. Stockpile weapons and ammo

  3. Oh yeah, the Neo Feminist KKK. It'll be easy to see where they got shot, unless they're on their, you know, well except for the "guys" in the bunch.

  4. Historically speaking the early believers in socialist revolutions are among the first put against the wall once their revolution is successful, unfortunately they soon have a lot of company in the unmarked graves.


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