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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Demokratic response to President Trump's State of the Union Address was not a response at all but a free political ad for radical leftist Stacey Abrams


                                                                                 Representative Stacey Abrams, a Democrat from Georgia, speaks during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., on Monday, July 25, 2016

The "response" was pre-touted as the "first demokrat response by an Afrikan American woman". In Actuality, Stacey Abrams blew it. The speech basically consisted of MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME and repeat for fifteen minutes or so with a few plugs for "down trodden minorities", America is going to hell in a handbasket, more opportunities for women, gays, minorities, more social programs, etc.

I thought President Trump did a very good job. He and his speech writers worded key issues so that even the demokratz would have difficulty refuting his statements. When the President said he was totally against socialism and abortion the more confused demorats would look at each other to see if they should clap, stand, or remain silent with the look of "eating a lemon" on their faces. The left has no backbone. It is very difficult for them to take a stand on issues other than their "company store" buzz phrases which appeal to their base (PRO-Infantcide, PRO-Perversion, Anti-gun, tax the rich, etc.).  One thing I noticed about the speech was the people that rarely clapped/applauded are the people who desperately seek to steal money from working taxpayers and business owners, allow the flood of illegal invaders to continue, and want to take our guns.


  1. This is all BS.
    The USA will NEVER be socialist; socially responsible, yes. But Socialist? NO! NEVER!

    It's not possible because America is not just a country.
    America is a CONCEPT.

    See here: https://tinyurl.com/Death-Of-A-Nation-wow
    It's about individuality & individual control.
    That's called LIBERTY.

    These democrats are not Amercians. They are communist tools.

    And the Russian collusion thing is such BS-- this is a state run plan to take complete control of the USA. And it's not the Russians. When was the last time any of you came across a Russian? It's the COMMUNIST CHINESE. They are here, they are everywhere. They live next door to us. There are 250B Ruskies but over 1600B commies (vs. 350B of us)!

    They are all around us; in our schools, universities, everywhere. Think about it. And, unlike the Russians---the commies are considered Asians -- an aethiest MINORITY! Russians are white (and Christian).

    Imagine that! AMAZON is communist china at our front door.
    They will take over through our technology.
    Turn off your iPhones! Use them when necessary, do NOT be a SLAVE to your phones! Step back a version or 2 on technology. I use Mac OS 10.6.8 with Firefox with Little Snitch, Adblocker, QuickJava and uBlock enabled.

    My search engine is DuckDuckGo.
    When I need privacy, I use Smartpage Proxy. It might take a tad longer to load a page but it's worth it.

    Years back I remember that Facebook employees used to talk about how Zuckerberg used to have tape over his Laptop's camera and the tip of a mic plug in the mic jack. Interesting. Yes, tech can listen, too.

    I do not use FB. It's so (too) convenient and promotes OCD; it's like giving candy to a baby. You all took it. Know what the German translation is for Zuckerberg? Sugar Place. Look it up. It's NSA.
    Unplug people.

    Take back control. Plug in on YOUR terms. Stop being so accessible on the first ring. That's what the commies are counting on-- our inability to discipline ourselves. We are becoming a reactionary society without the capacity of independent, creative or abstract thought.
    Resist the herd mentality.

    Become SHEEPDOGS!
    Long live the REPUBLIC.

    -Tony in Toga NY
    Please send Irish comments/recommendations on safe browsing & ideas on how to fight this vermin. I'm sure he'd love to share your concerns!

    1. as for facebook, i never could understand why anyone would be interested in how many sheets of toilet paper i use to wipe my ass...

  2. I'm hunting down a transcript of Abrams speech. What she was talking about the first 5 minutes was undecipherable. Then she descended into - yep, you nailed it Jeffrey - typical, far-reaching Dem talking points about how horrible the country is, failing to mention the economy, jobs, etc. Pure Blathering.

    @ Tony in Toga=yep, Duckduckgo is the search engine everyone should be switching to.

  3. Hey Irish--

    Change my 250B to 250M. Don't know why I defaulted to billions.
    Ugh! Type too fast. Yep!
    But then again---everyone got the gist.

    And--thanks David!

    Stay vigilant all!


  4. Indeed... This was nothing more than the Commiecrats' latest "rising star" being paraded out for America to see. The aim here is obvious; they want another niggahh in D'House...

  5. Yes. The real goal is to overtake the senate.

  6. Great photo of "Aunt Jemima"!

  7. was it just me, or was she in front of a green screen and the 'audience' behind her was somewhere else?

  8. So POTUS delivered a speech covering an amazing range of topics, outlining accomplishments and laying a vision for the future. To anyone with half a brain it is clear he is capable and engaged and working on real priorities. It was Presidential. The difference in breadth was not even what initally grabbed my attention. It was that she sounded like she was stumping for a local mayoral race. Of a small town. Really small.

  9. I think back to when she was running for city council in Atlanta and everything was about her being an African-American woman. She came unhinged when a local radio reporter asked her what part of Africa she was from.


  10. Stock pile weapons and ammo, you will need them!!!


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