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Friday, February 8, 2019

I Have Never Heard of "Sabaton" until this morning.....

  Scrolling through Wirecutter's this morning I stopped at this POST and this image:

 Down in the comments, "just a chemist" made a reference to this video.

There is a cool music video* for Sabaton’s “Metal Machine” song that focuses on one of those carpet bombing raids of WWII. I wonder what that must have been like, to be a pilot of a bomber near the back of one of those bomber formations looking out over the expanse of American military power. Terrible and frightful to be sure, but also a sense of something awesome happening.
* – cool by music video standards, which are pretty low.


More info on SABATON <<


  1. I couldn't imagine it either. I can almost feel the fear in my stomach just thinking about it.

  2. I actually said, "here come the fighters. Goddamn it." Very intense.

  3. This is the story of a Finnish soldier, Lauri Torni, woh fought for three different countries, as recounted by Sabaton.


    Short video of Lauri/Larry's military career.



  4. I found out about them recently after watching "The Day of the Siege" and looking up Jan Sobieski. The evidently sing about military events.

  5. I don't think it is possible to truly imagine what that must have been like to live through.

  6. I could feel myself moving onto the edge of my seat the further the video went along. The music for the backing track was masterful. I am a musician, so I guess I catch things like that, but it really made it come alive for me. Such brave men, to go into such hell, knowing that so very many would be making a one way trip, and yet they never held back, never backed out, but answered their nations call. I am ever thankful not only to them, but to the brave young men and women who stepped up and answered today when their country needs them. Many of them perhaps enlisted for various reasons such as to see the world, or the adventure, or even for college funds, but they all, to a person, have never turned away when asked to stand in the gap for us. Unbelievable brave men and women, all of them. Our nation is safe in their hands. May they be safe in the hands of a loving and mighty God. And may we as a county be worthy of His love and forgiveness. For by it alone will we hear the ring of freedom, from one sea to another shining sea. Selea.

  7. Lots of good music from Sabaton. I highly recommend their Last Stand album.


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