Saturday, February 9, 2019

"Indiana Jones" as the PURVEYOR OF DOOM

                                                                          Image result for indiana jones pictures raiders of the lost ark 

In the latest episode of "LIBTARDS UNHINGED", Harrison Ford delivers an apocalyptic climate change warning as he prepares for a trip to Dubai where the theme will be oceanic conservation at the World Government Summit. Read the entire story and watch the video HERE. That is only if you can stomach this most recent "Hollyweirdness". Naturally, the hypocrite will fly in a JET.


  1. Idiot leftist who's sole talent consists of repeating words that others put in his mouth. So we are no supposed to think he isn't. Not likely. Just another has been actor sucking up to Hollywierd for his next job in a third rate move in a third tier role.

  2. Dubai
    Ocean Conservation

  3. No thanks. Life is short and time too precious to waste on such mindless drivel.

  4. Hey Harrison! Take a f'in' sailboat!

  5. "Naturally, the hypocrite will fly in a JET"

    And land on a taxi way....


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