Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Gettin' Old....


  1. Right with you.

    I walked all the way to the basement to get something... and couldn't remember what I came down to get.

  2. Then there is the old joke - I went into a room and actually remembered why I went in there. It was the bathroom; but hey, I remembered.

  3. 1993? Try 1963...

    I suffer from CRS...Can't Remember Shit

    I am in the here after. I am here, but can't remember what I came after.

    The sad part is...I find myself suffering from the above more frequently...

  4. I think I have early onset of Alzheimer's sometimes

  5. I have walked around looking for my cell phone while it was in my hand. Does that count?

  6. Go to U tube- search "The memory song" - Tom Rush. It is old, but if you dont remember hearing it.....


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