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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Would You Stay Home And Miss The Super Bowl IF She Asked You Too?


  1. I'm already boycotting the Superbowl and that would be the ultimate consolation prize!

  2. I wouldn't watch 22 over-paid, under-educated America-hating baboons run around a field if you paid me $100,000.

    PS: I'm definitely going to never buy any product advertised there.

  3. Since I'm already not watching it...game on. ;)

  4. Yes! Yes I would! I have to go take my blood pressure medicine now!

  5. Hi Irish!!,
    "Bitch Please!!!!!"... Like!!,... a Gorgeous Ginger, with that from old "Blue Eyes" song "Witchcraft" .."Come Hither look!!... and I just have ta' say that slight "arc" to the way her lips are held..... Who said "Stupid bowl??" The Game is over!1 Somewhere, someone tasted those "Extra-Earthly Delights!!"... 'Twasn't me Pilgrim!!!
    Again, "Bitch Please!!!!"...Ya' really know how to hurt a guy!!

  6. That is not a real question.
    She takes priority over any costumed staged event.

    Those genes are a gift from God. The environment has been good also.

    May she have many fat babies. That is a goal any man would desire.

  7. This must be a trick question.

  8. Wow! Just WOW! What gorgeous legs! Makes me want to nibble her toes and work my way upwards to ... heaven!

  9. I would have to make her think I really wanted to see the stupid bowl


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