Saturday, February 3, 2018

This Morning's Trivia.... These Are The Two Movies That I Had In Mind...

  Harry Canyon and Korben Dallas....

Heavy Metal 1981 and

 The Fifth Element 1997

 Who can forget this clip from Heavy Metal.......


  1. Harry Chapin--Taxi.

  2. What always killed me about Heavy Metal was the Illegal Alien scene in the Police Station during the Harry Canyon segment.

  3. Hey Irish;

    Loved that movie, good graphics for the time and a bitchin soundtrack. I like to use a line when Capt Stern was on trial.."All the time he sold dope disguised as a nun...or the preschooler prostitute ring..." Man if you said stuff like that in this day and age, people would lose their minds.

    1. I saw it a few times when it was released way back when. 😬. Now I’ll put it on once in a while and kick back with a few beers and enjoy it.

  4. Had a 'scrip for Heavy Metal back in the day... I loved the graphic version of Bester's The Stars My Destinatiom.
    Great mag, great story.

  5. The Southpark version was even awesomer.


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