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Friday, February 2, 2018

Back In The Good Ol' Days......

I used to drive my parents '78 Monte Carlo like I stole it...........ah the memories....

image from the nets.


  1. When I busted my left ankle, I couldn't drive the Land Cruiser, so my step dad loaned me his Cougar. I'm amazed I didn't crash that vehicle.

  2. We had a 75 Pontiac LeMans with the 400 in it. After the warranty ran out dad pulled the engine, changed the cam, had some headwork done, and added headers. That car was quick. As long as the 4 barrel did not kick in it got better fuel mileage. I would occasionally get to drive it when I was a senior in 79.

  3. Gentlemen, until you mention MOPAR I am unamused. You will stand amazed. However, I have some great stories of borrowing my sister's Gran Torino.

  4. That looks like a 78-80 Monte Carlo in the background. Those GM A-Bodies were great!
    My dad had a beautiful Cutlass Supreme he bought new; I think it was his first new car. He had 193,000+ miles on it when he got hit by a Mercury.
    My uncle now has a 79 Regal with the 3.8 litre and the turbo charger. A precursor of the Power 6 days of the Grand National and GNX
    Thanks for sharing that!

  5. I think I'd rather have that 72 blown and lowered firebird. "Inda wds" (in the weeds) indeed.


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