Wednesday, February 7, 2018

To Serve

                                  Tennessee sheriff boasts about fatal shooting he ordered: "I love this shit"

                           If this latest episode of overt lethal force is not a mess, it will do till one gets there.

Watch the videos (that is right there were multiple video and audio recordings), read the transcripts and decide for yourself. I have seen things similar to this where I live. A minor incident occurs and things get out of hand. In my opinion, cooler heads should have prevailed and this man did not have to die. Again I was not there, but based on the current information available I would say this is a huge mistake.

I remember when I was about thirteen there was a guy who had already graduated high school. When he was younger he rode my school bus. Anyhow, this guy bought an old Honda 750-4 right out of high school. One night the local policeman tried to pull him over for speeding and the kid gunned it. The cops were driving an old LTD with a 460 cid police interceptor. With blue lights flashing and the siren wailing the cop ran the boy on a road that was on the west side of our place and around a backroad that ran about a mile east of our farm. It was basically a lop-sided oval of about eight miles. I don't know how many times they made the loop, but each time the motorbike was pulling away from him. We were on the back porch listening and watching when they'd come down the long straight in front of my house. My daddy said to me, "if that was you, I'd whip your ass for driving that fast and running from the law. I'd also whip the dogshit out of that policeman for chasing you". His point was the cop knew who the boy was. All he would have to have done was go to his parent's house the next morning and pick him up. By chasing him, the boy could have been injured or killed as could have the policeman and anyone else on the road or even close to it.  The kid finally ran out of gas and got to go to the "stout house" over at the county seat. Anyhow, here is the "meat" of the subject.


  1. After watching this pursuit I'm not suprised... he needed shooting....what a pos.

  2. I disagree. The cops knew him. They knew he didn't have a license and they could have easily picked him up at home. Under the circumstances are you are implying that driving on revoked or suspended license is a killing offense? Sure the guy should not have been on the road, should have stopped, etc., but in rural counties such as Dekalb and White where everyone knows most everyone this was not necessary. Besides the fact that an unarmed man was shot and killed, the Sheriff is a loose cannon. This is the whole premise of the story (this all went down a year ago). It is gung-ho types like this that paint LEO's in a bad light, If anyone doesn't believe for a minute that this sheriff wouldn't send a goon squad to your door if the ATF ordered a "gun roundup", then they are full of shit.


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