Wednesday, February 7, 2018

"Chimp Out" at funeral of murdered 20 month old girl

Kandice Cabbil died last week of blunt force trauma. Her father, Samuel Cabbil, has been charged with her death. Mourners who came together to console each other ended up in a helluva brawl. The video can be seen below and the story can be read by clicking HERE.


  1. I read / see this thing - as someone who tries to live MLK Jr's dream - and cry.

    More and more I am convinced that if there are people who are racist towards blacks in today's world, it's because the BLACK CULTURE ITSELF provides so many examples like this.

    Short of the stereotypical drunk Russian wedding video, you don't see white people (of any stripe) doing this. Nor Asians. This kind of thing is virtually* always of one particular American sub-culture. It's sad, no, it's a tragedy.

    * I put in the "weasel word" because someone, somewhere, could come up with a counter example.

  2. Still better than one story I heard on NPR the other day, about funeral homes bringing in armed security, usually the police, to keep the peace at funerals and wakes of those killed by gun violence, because quite likely they were involved in gangs, and that requires a perpetual string of retaliations.

  3. A tribal matter. To be settled elsewhere, later. If not settled, then just on to the next chapter/verse. To be continued.


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