Friday, October 20, 2017

Yes, a package of bacon...

 They should have arrested her for damaging the bacon!!

On Sunday, a Goldsboro man reported to police that he was slapped with a package of bacon.

Yes, a package of bacon...

According to a police report, the man said he was arguing with his girlfriend at their apartment on West Lockhaven Drive when she struck him in the face with an uncooked package of bacon.

Goldsboro police said charges had not yet been filed; officers did not mention if they confiscated the delicious evidence.

Hopefully, the couple can meat in the middle and work out their differences.


H/t to "wildriver"


  1. If they ever reconcile, breakfast will probably never be the same.

    I'm thinking he's glad she didn't hit him with a full six-pack.

  2. In cases like this a kielbasa is considered a deadly weapon.


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