Monday, October 16, 2017

At That Moment, All Was Well....


  1. I just had my 14 year old Golden put down this morning. Nice timing (sarc). He was a water dog to the hilt. I couldn't keep him out of the bay I live right next to, and all that smelly mud. Long haired dogs and mud, oh GAWD. (Think, "Lions and tigers, and bears, oh my").

    1. Sorry to hear about your best friend sarthurk.

    2. My awesome Vet gave me at least 6 reasons why my decision was a good one.

      He was loyal to the end. When I left, I told him I'd see him on the flip side.

      He caught a Surf scoter in the bay one day, when he was ~3yrs. After trying when it dove away 4 or 5 times. He swam over to me at waters edge, and dropped it at my feet...unharmed. This dog had not any training whatsoever. A Natural. His grandmother was supposedly a National field champion. Everybody was his friend. He somehow knew when things were not good, and he liked to bark at deer.
      Well, one day, when I let he and his sister out of the kennel, I didn't first notice the 4 point blacktail in the field ~100 feet away. They did! Sunny's sister, who was obedience trained, stopped in her tracks when I commanded "DOWN". Sunny came back about a half of an hour later, with his tongue hanging, and soaking wet. I'm surprised my liberal neighbors didn't shoot him. (Liberals - guns?. Trust me, you can't trust them).

      Nice day on the Oregon coast. I'm glad I decided to go home after this, instead of work.

    3. My dad called Goldens "sponges" when sent for water retrieves. They can empty the lake into your duck boat.

      Time for a pup. Each dog I have owned in 40 years has been awesome in his/her own ways. Had I not been able to let the first one go I would never have met the rest. Still, each has and will always have a warm fuzzy place in my heart. I have been so blessed by the doggy God. Sounds like you have been too.

  2. That dog is only 80% happy, maybe less.

    There are no ducks. Nor geese.

    In these yere parts we let our golden retrievers retrieve ducks'n geese from the water.

    Don't be cruel to these dogs.

    Seriously, there is not much more fun in life than being in charge of holding the dogs calm while the birds fly in, feeling them quiver, then letting them go after the shotguns fire. The dogs launch from the shore like missiles and land in water with a thin crust of ice 12 or 15 feet out.

    Then we do it again with another flight of birds, another guy holding the dogs and my turn on my gun.

    I missed getting out last year but this Saturday, I won't be reading any damn blogs.

    1. Real dog abuse is going Turkey hunting in full camo with your shot guns and having to leave your retriever at home with momma. Ours will whine and whimper for HOURS....

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    1. It was a photo I found on the webs so I don't know where it is. Sorry.


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