Thursday, October 19, 2017

When Men Were Men... Engineers and Machinists of the Past

 sent in by reader Joe


  1. Fascinating and very sad at the same time.
    Every bit of that is long gone now. The men, the machines, all that accumulated experience and even the final product, all gone.

    On another note, I'm sure Irish has seen the link I am going to put up here to Youtube but maybe some of his other readers may find this interesting.
    It's a series by a fellow up in the North East somewhere who has the last functional for profit steam powered machine shop, complete with line shafts and leather drive belts.
    I just love that stuff.

    1. Phil, I found this link.

      Cool stuff.

    2. And more here

    3. Yeah, it's the same guy.
      I find myself eagerly looking forward to his exploits.
      I seem to be having some kind of computer issue, probably need to run a cleaner again.

  2. Your're old school these days if you still have a fly cutter in your box. We're digital machinists these days. Probably for the better.

  3. What a wonderful video, Irish! Thanks for posting it! But the real credit goes to the "set-up" men!


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