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Monday, September 18, 2017

The Most Unfortunate Video You'll Probably See Today

Watch as a brazen thief steals the purse of an 82 year old shopper.

A woman, who is 82 years old, was maneuvering through the store in an electric scooter and had placed her purse on the floor board. At one point, the woman reached up to grab an item from a store shelf when the suspect depicted in these photos reached down, snatched the victim's purse from the scooter, and left the store. The suspect was captured leaving Ralphs in an older, 4-door white sedan with chrome rims. The vehicle is possibly an older model Lexus GS. A short time later, the victim's purse was found dumped near the intersection of Buena Vista St. and Vanowen St. The victim's credit cards, identification, and currency were missing from the purse. It was then learned the victim's credit cards were used to make two large purchases at Target and Lowe's. Although store locations are still being verified, the purchases were possibly made at the Empire Cent




  1. What members of "the community" do best!!

  2. Fuckers who prey upon the elderly need to be shot. They are beyond redemption.

  3. @ Dwan: "Fuckers who prey upon the elderly need to be shot. They are beyond redemption." AMEN!

    The woman to who stole the purse is...a...rhymes with "runt".

  4. Buy a $12.95 proximity alarm
    An Anti-Lost Alarm, like are made to track kids or cell phones.

    Remember when these A-Holes were BANNED by judges from the store after being caught?
    Now some liberal would be scream racism.


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