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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I Can't Believe How Much Restraint Was Shown During This Altercation* of a Veteran With PTSD and the other party...

* I was going to use Chimpout but that's racist.

From Clash Daily:

This woman is a real piece of work!
An outraged woman screams and causes a scene because a veteran has his PTSD dog in a restaurant.
She shouts at the veteran as well as those that are working in the restaurant and calls having a dog present ‘nasty’.

More of the story here<<<


  1. Im not sayin shes an Sierra Oscar Bravo --however Id not be surprised if I'd turn my back and she bit me

  2. viewing dogs as "nasty" is a muslim point of view.

  3. And some folks are shocked that there can still be racism

  4. But if the dog was an attack dog.... Problem solved. Rangers lead the way.

  5. Leave your fake "service dogs" at home,where they belong. Not everyone loves your stinking dog.

  6. At least the 4 legged bitch had manners.

  7. Turn the clock back to 1955 and you wont have this type of behavior.

  8. Train your dog to pee on the leg of these racist, psycho twits.


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