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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Isn't The World Supposed To End Today?


  1. I think it did end, Feral. What we're living in now is teh virtual reality. :)

  2. My oldest had a friend who found god and decided everyone else should (she was 12). So this young lady starts preaching about the appocolypse and how the rapture would see people taken to heaven.

    She then was going on about how if my family didn't join the correct church we would be left behind.

    So I told her the rapture was long passed and we were the decendents of the people who were left behind.

    It shut her up.


  3. Major earthquakes today in Mexico and off the Japanese coast. Sit tight Irish according to my clock (EDT) we still have 11 hours to go.

  4. Another failed prophecy...
    Will they ever get it right? No.
    Read the book 'When prophecy fails'..


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