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Monday, September 18, 2017

This kind of stuff has gone past the point of ridiculous.

"Woman's complaint against Hobby Lobby over "racist" cotton ignites controversy" It is absolutely insane that a person such as this lady gets bent about bolls of cotton being sold for decoration on display at the popular home craft store, but turns a blind eye to the rampant ____________ in the black communities throughout our nation. "It is a plant lady get over it" read one of the comments. When does this stop? Almost everyone I know around here that are my parents age or older picked cotton at some point in their lives, but they are all white folks.

Two recent complaints allege the decorative use of cotton, a prime export of the pre-Civil War South, is racist. (Contributed photo/Wikipedia)

Read the story HERE. Be sure to read the comments too. 


  1. Hi Irish,
    Perhaps it is an accusation like this that will become,"The Governor's Wife!!"... During the "Salem Witch Trials"...Way back before the "War of northern Aggression"...The whole trip got, just like this, "Outa' Hand!!" Women were accused left and right of being "Witches" and "HANGED!!!!!" I'm sure sane minds of the time said,"This has to stop!!" But, "IT" continued.... until "The Governor's Wife" was accused!! Somehow that was the "Turning point" and ...the rest is "History!!!"
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat!!,

  2. that would be "Bolls of cotton".

  3. My father was among the last generation to pick cotton by hand, do I really have to mention he isn't black?


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