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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

There's A New Walmart Greeter....


  1. His perfect job. I'd go there every day just to kick him in the nuts.

  2. Hi Irish
    People Greeter at wally-world eh?? Have to say, Besides the "abuse"' from the customers ....and sometimes they want to get violent!!.... there's the "Take down of a theft "in progress!!!" Hopefully an "AP" is near by..(Asset protection employee) otherwise you are on your own!! One guy tried to "run the door" with a buggy 3/4 full of steaks, ribs and other prime cuts.... I grabbed the buggy but he was determined...So was I!! I guided the buggy out the door into one of those concrete and steel poles by the door and he came to a screeching halt!! An "AP" was already on to him and when the perp saw the AP he took off running!! We took the meat back in the store and tallied it up ...just under $400 worth of meat!! He was a "Regular" and when we saw him come in the store we'd say,"The Meat Man " is back!! and watch him... Yeah, obummer as a people greeter!!! What a hoot!!
    Blue skies!!,
    PS I now work in maintennce!! 'Don't have to put up with the idiots at the door!! 'Most of the customers are nice people but it only takes one asshat to screw up everything!!


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