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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things....

 Compiled and submitted by AFOI

*** Especially note this first block.  The Left is OPENLY calling for outright violence. ***
** Someone needs to start giving these people double-tap chest surgery.  Two things I find especially
chilling, at least assuming the video is an accurate & complete portrayal of events:
1. They just charged the guy and cold-cocked him.  No face to face stuff, no nothing.  Just identified
an "enemy" and went for him.
2. Listen to the shouts; they're HAPPY they attacked someone and knocked him out.
>> They will continue to do this, and continue to escalate this, until someone DIES.  Speaking of:
** BLM protester actively calling for murder.
** Cars blow through blockers.  I remember, many years ago, after watching the movie GANDHI my father
observed that the reason "peaceful" protests worked was that the British had a sense of shame, and
were generally good people.  They had consciences and reacted AGAINST the oppressive tactics the
government was taking in India.  The same applies here.  Look at the two videos prior to the above.
That's not "passive resistance"; that's active thuggery.  People will NOT have sympathy for those
tactics, not for long.  They will NOT have sympathy if a child in an ambulance gets delayed and
then dies.  It's going to get bloody, because these people are not "passive", they're ACTIVE,
they're AGGRESSIVE, and they WILL get pushback.  Which they will push back against.  And it will
escalate.  On that:
** Quote: "At this year's Screen Actors Guild awards, "Stranger Things" actor David Harbour openly
advocated committing criminal violence against political opponents. Harbour had also approved of
the assault against Spencer, and for his explicit call to political violence at the SAG awards,
Harbour received a standing ovation from the crowd."
>> This is after TWO WEEKS. 


** Iran, testing Trump.  Another instance:
** Double-plus ungood.

** I think these people who want more refugees should have this guy, or others like him, in their homes.

** Several things to note from this:
1. MUSLIMS are saying "Don't let them in".
2. They're ENTHUSIASTIC about coming here; it's conquest.  They know it, and openly say it.
3. The Left lets them in for the votes, not thinking about anything else.

** Quote: "Because any defensive move taken by a non-Muslim entity is always seized upon by Islamic supremacists and jihadis as food for
propaganda... This is a tried-and-true response from Islamic entities
going back all the way to the Crusades. Which are still taught in many places as unprovoked Christian aggression."

** Quote: "Blame Donald Trump.  He was the one who blew all those people in San Bernardino to smithereens and then walked into that Orlando
gay bar and wiped out everyone there as if they were digital images in
some real-life video game."

** Gays for Islam vs Islam for gays

** 1979 - Iranian women protest hijabs as the sign of the patriarchic domination; 2017, American women DON hijabs.

** Pro-life.

** Nice rant.  Very nice.

** Syrian refugee count in Nancy Pelosi's district.  Why?  Because it's already "D".  These people
are being seeded in "R" zones.

** Liberal psych testing.

** Liberal tolerance.

** Truman fired an AG.  NOT unprecedented at all for Trump to do so.

** Sleep lightly.


** Understand, these people have listened to John Lennon's IMAGINE for too long.  More:

** All the meek will ever inherit.

** Vietnamese, fleeing Communism, would like have been "R" voters, like Cuban refugees are today.  Related:
** Paid not only to bring in refugees, but then to bring in the relatives.

Find right place
** Quote "The Left is doing what Lenin counseled: "Probe with the bayonet. If you meet steel, withdraw; if you meet flesh, continue." Leftist
disruptors have steadily escalated their tactics deeper toward outright violence, without evoking a matched reaction from either the forces of
order or the common citizenry. Our passivity has persuaded their strategists that there will be no such reaction. Their next step should be

** If it's done by a "D", it doesn't count.

** Yup; the single biggest danger Trump faces is the Left-RINO alliance.

** But... but... but anti-Muslim!

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  1. If Gandhi had been protesting in a muslim conquered country, he would have been killed, thrown in a hole, and wouldn't even have been a footnote in history.


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