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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I Want One!

Mossberg introduces their "Shockwave" 14" barrel "non-NFA" 12ga. pump shotgun at the 2017 Shot Show. The gun is fully BATFE compliant being 26" overall.  I still am not 100% clear on how this precludes the 18" barrel rule, but who am I to look a "gift horse in the face? Check it out HERE. I bet they sell a ton of them too.


  1. One of the many convolutions of the NFA: It was not a shotgun because it was never built with a stock. It is not even really called a shotgun but non-NFA weapon that shoots shells.
    I know, stupid.

  2. You can register the receiver as a SBS and put a stock on it once you get the stamp.

  3. It was not manufactured with a butt stock, so it was NOT designed to be fired from the shoulder, therefor it is not a "shotgun". A shotgun is designed to be fired from the shoulder. A Shotgun must have a barrel of at least 18 inches or longer.

    It is a smooth bore pistol grip firearm. It has an overall length of at least 26 inches, therefor it is not "concealable". It transfers as a pistol would. In legal land it is much like a contender pistol which does not have a sixteen inch barrel.

    In 1934, Congress wrote a stupid law, based on an anti-freedom and anti-constitutional agenda. Since that time, people with federal credentials have enforced that stupid law and anti-freedom, and anti-constitutional, agenda against the American people, in spite of their oath of office.

    Bright, creative, and motivated people keep coming up with ways to get around stupid laws, and anti-freedom, and anti-constitutional agendas, and continue doing business anyway.


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