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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Enemy... is the media.

  You tell me that the media isn't fanning the flames of discord in this country.

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  1. It looks like it's even worse than they're saying. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't get any news from anything Viacom or CBS own. Who gets their news from MTV? OK, I actually don't get any news from anyone other than News Corp and sources that don't show up here at all, but when they list properties, MTV, Nick Jr., Showtime, the Smithsonian channel or any of those others mean less than nothing.

    That means four companies control everything: GE, News Corp, Disney and Time Warner.

    1. It is worse, compared to the first picture: GE sold all of its NBC media to Viacom a few years back.
      But as you note, most people don't get much of their news from Viacom, so it's a bit of a wash on the news front.

  2. The cool thing about blogging is that everybody has a voice. It can be as LOUD as you want it to be.

    Your voice can change the world. We are no longer slaves to the mass media

    A blogger's voice can now jump boarders in a single bound

    Our collective voices are recording the people's history book

    Your voice is a good current event source

    Law makers are learning that your voice is now more important than a vote!

    Your blogging voice is now the "moral majority"

  3. And in 10 more years, the Chinese are planning to be in control ofthe movies/TV that we watch. Do you suppose that will be a little too far left even for American liberals?


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