Saturday, October 8, 2016

"What's On The Ballot".... Go Read Taxi Hack's Take..

* 20 trillion dollars in debt
* 120 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities
*Insurance companies withdrawing coverage or doubling premiums for millions as Obamacare collapses
*North Korea developing and testing land-based and submarine ballistic missiles
*Iran fast-tracked to nuclear weapons
*Billions of dollars and pallets of shrink-wrapped cash shipped to Iran
*Pakistan threatening India with nukes
*Venezuela collapsing under socialism
*Iranian gunboats and Russian fighter jets harassing US Navy vessels in the Persian Gulf
*Russia installing missile batteries in Syria and Eastern Europe
*China building airstrips in the South China Sea



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  1. And this my friends is only the tip of the iceberg. The few items we are even aware of.

    What else is out there we don't know about yet.

    The military calls this: Known Unknowns.


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