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Monday, October 3, 2016

That's It. We Are Done

"Starting Monday October 3rd, the military begins paying for gender reassignment surgery for transgender soldiers that could cost up to 8.4 million dollars per year. The Defense Departments policy states that if a soldier's ability to serve is adversely affected by a medical condition or medical treatment related to their gender identity, they are eligible for reassignment surgery or hormone therapy, subject to a commander's approval for the timing".

This is a prime example as to why the majority of Americans loathe the government. I saw several sources out there pertaining to this story, but I did not see on clip of it on television. If you have the stomach for it and care to read it, this one Cica.com via Matt Drudge's site. 


  1. What events from this are going to turn out very bad?

  2. I could see some people joining up for the sex change just as many join to get money for college.


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