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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Debating WIth A Douchebag... This Is How It's Done....


  1. Bill Whittle is excellent as usual. The whole climate change-global warming-green energy BS is just as he explained. It is a hoax. However, it is frightening to see how many 25-30 year old Americans believe it is real. That is the app. age of my kids. I can tell you from experience that manyin this age group have been hammered by Disney and similar production companies since they were old enough to sit in front of a television set or to have been taken to a movie theater. They believe it is the gospel. The leftist writers, actors, directors, producers are in lockstep with the Social-Communist-democrap politicians broadcasting this huge lie to pass more laws, regulations, fees, fines, etc and ultimately keeping a large segment of the population poor, ignorant, and voting democrap. It has to stop.

  2. Jeffery, spot on analysis old boy. Bravo!


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