Friday, October 7, 2016

Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?????????????

In a stupendous display of military might and a show of overwhelming force, Massachusetts State Police and elements of the Massachusetts National Guard eradicated a SINGLE marijuana plant which belonged to an 81 year old female. Margaret Holcomb had been growing and using the plant for quite some time to help her arthritics, glaucoma , and as a sleeping aid at night. Authorities landed a helicopter near Mrs. Holcomb's home and seized the plant. It could be noted that all participants in the raid went home safely at the end of their shift.

Lee Greenwood could not be reached for comment, but the silly story is HERE


  1. And remember, these "heroes" are proud of themselves.

  2. I thought the Posse Comitatus ruling kept military forces from enforcing domestic laws?

    1. By the letter of the law it does. As you well know, tyrants have different laws than mere citizens. I feel safer now that this colossal cannabis operation was busted. Those 81 year old hardened criminals have to be stopped.
      The hypocrisy of such an "operation" is mind numbing. We basically have an open border with Mexico where thousands of illegals are allowed to enter the U.S. at will, tons of Marijuana and Cocaine enter the country each year unmolested and we have fully radicalized (whatever the flying farfala radicalized is supposed to mean) jihadists shooting up night clubs, knifing folks at shopping malls, bombing New York City, massacring people at their work, etc. and the state of Massachusetts is concerned about an elderly lady with a single pot plant?

  3. those fools who serve the powerful think they will be spared.
    they are in for a rude surprise, but not before the rest of us have had our lives made miserable by the scum which has risen to the top.

    we can hope that they will turn on each other.

  4. I would like to know who ratted her out. That's one who needs to be locked out.

  5. I would like to know who ratted her out. That's one who needs to be locked out.

  6. Opps didn't mean to send that twice


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