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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Seventies Sunday

Remember her?


  1. Of course!

    It's Barbi Benton, one of Hef's longest running Playmates....

  2. She was, like my "first" Playmate. Dream girl!

  3. Yes, yes! I think her first PB appearance was in 1969. She was Hugh's main squeeze around that time and I'm not sure how many times in the seventies she was on the cover or in a layout in the magazine. She made the cover again in '85 I think. I always loved seeing her on Hee Haw! She still is nice looking woman.

  4. And to think that she is 66 years old. What happened to our youth?

  5. And to think that she is 66 years old. What happened to our youth?

    1. #CoffeyPot-- "What happened to our youth?"
      I don't know about you buddy, but my doctor told me that I am getting youn... um... OH... Never mind! My wife just told me he said I was getting childish

  6. Great 70s mammary/memory, Jeffery! PB suggestion for next time? Shannon Tweed. She's still around, but I haven't seen a pic for years.

  7. I was too young to see Barbie in PB, but I do remember a few unforgettable scenes in Deathstalker!

  8. She even had a "hit" country song. And she looked pretty good in the nude, too.

  9. Hellfire, in 1969 I looked pretty good in the nude although I gotta say I hope it would not have made any favorable impression on you personally. We all have traveled too many miles of rough road to caper around the room nekkid, talking to your unit to make your girlfriend laugh-- WITH YOU rather than AT YOU.


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