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Friday, August 19, 2016

A Handy Tip For Average Joe...

   After you get out of your $100,000.00 car and walk into a machine shop

looking for a custom part for a 1960s vintage British car, don't balk at the $100.00




  1. Thankfully most folks around here no not to do that to me. Had a spare 34 ford headlight housing and a guy wanted it for his murdersickle. The light was in perfect shape trim ring and all, told him I wanted $50 for it. He says nah aint worth it, I give you $10. I was not having a good day and it pissed me off so I grabbed the light off the shelf, dropped in on the floor and hit it with a hammer several times then handed it to him saying "now it worth $10".

    I no longer have to deal with him at all, he doesn't call or stop by anymore.

  2. Seriously?!! 100 bucks for anything out of a machine shop is cheap! The guy must be a idiot. Shit,just to have a flywheel surfaced anymore is over fifty.
    Fuck him, I had just got a 300 dollar quote to have a 130 dollar carpet kit put in my 64 Sprite.

    I don't have the 100 dollar special tool to seat the snaps, yet.
    Guess what I will be ordering shortly?
    I ain't paying 300 for something I can do in an afternoon by myself but wouldn't bat an eye to have to spend a hundred bucks at a machine shop to have something done. Not everyone has an Atlas mill in their garage, ya know?

  3. $100.00 sounds like a bargain for something like that.


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