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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Do You Ever Feel Like This Some Days?


  1. Yes it is becoming an hourly occurrence by the way

  2. What? Am I the bad guy??

  3. Yes. Last night.

    Rushed out of work late last night to grab a dark chocolate bar(addicted? me?) from my neighborhood grocery store before they closed. One lane open and it was tied up by two obese creatures arguing that their welfare card absolutely covers all the snack food and soda they had piled on the counter. After close to 10 minutes of listening to their bitching and watching all of their feral offspring trying to break into the candy machines I finally said 'screw it', put the chocolate back, and left.

    Thoughts of 'doing the human race a favor' had started creeping in and by the way she was grinding her teeth I think the clerk would have helped lug the bodies to the dumpster.

  4. Btw, that was a great movie, til they had to ruin it with their pc bullshit ending.
    I hate hollywood.

  5. More often than is wise to admit to...it can be used against one in a court of law. ; P


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