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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Because, It Doesn't Matter To Them....


  1. The body cams are a one time expense, easily handled by state and federal grants. It's the video storage costs that are a problem. I did some work for my boss in our county - about 850 full time and 150 part time cops. How long do you keep the videos? Are they all subject to FOIL? Who does all the work maintaining and producing these records on demand? A large PD would have to create a whole separate special unit just to do this.

    Can you imagine the body cam fishing expeditions created by activists just looking for an issue?

    1. I'd guess the thrust of the question the Captain posits is why bother with video evidence, clear and unmistakable, show a black thug draws down on a black cop who justifiably defends himself and kills said thug, then the black citizenry, using the term loosely, riots, burns their own neighborhood, yet again, and blames whitey? No sense, reason, or thought. The leftist political and grievance pimps created the mess, and wonder why the stink gets all over them.

    2. I understand the meme, but the Captain's response to the question about the cams needs clarification. 99% of the time a body worn camera will validate the actions of the police. Black thugs do what black thugs do regardless of any evidence to the contrary so any strategy to contravene their violence will be useless. But the cameras do serve a valid purpose in that they reassure everyone else who has a brain and no agenda.

      Memes are great, they are thought provoking and entertaining - such is their purpose. But they are not answers, they should only serve to provoke more discussion.


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