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Saturday, June 4, 2016

♫♫ In 2005 The Last Pink Floyd Reunion For Live 8...♫♫

0:00 Breathe 4:59 Money 11:45 Wish You Were Here 16:25 Comfortably Numb


  1. John Stossel Spread The Wealth - Capitalism vs. Socialism


  2. This make me happy and sad.
    And at the same time kind of annoyed. Waters and his stop poverty, save palliative crap.
    That was 2005 - is there less poverty today than 11 years ago Roger? No.
    We give, and they breed, which creates more poverty.
    Sadly, the only realistic thing today is let people that are too stupid to survive, die.
    Survival of the fittest. Or the human race slowly devolves.

    1. I agree. I don't agree at all with his politics but damn did they make some timeless music.

    2. Fucking old eyes and autocorrect! Palistine, not palliative! Wtf!
      And yes, their brilliant creativity is second to none!
      Timeless, like zep, Beatles.
      So sad when Richard passed away. That was it. No chance of there ever being Floyd again.


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