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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Man Poops on Self-Checkout Scanner Inside Ohio Kroger

They walk among us!

A judge ordered an Ohio man to stay away from a Kroger store where he allegedly stripped naked and defecated on self-checkout scanner. Read the entire story HERE.


  1. The article made me laugh....he smelled of alcohol, slurred speach, and staggered when he walked....now c'mon...he may have mistook where he was...lmao, and he was ordered to stay out of THAT Kroger....but he can GO to any other....why not just make him stay 500 feet from "the violated" scanner...let him GO to other lines....that seems fair....

  2. I'm guessing his loyalty card has been revoked by now. That will teach him!

  3. The only time I ever used a self-checkout lane/scanner, I had a similar compulsion! :^)
    For the two "I don't get it's", I have to ask what is there not to get?
    Thanks to all for stopping by. Jeffery


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