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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Some ways to stop Windows 10 update if you don't want it....

 The following info below was sent in by reader Mr Natural, 

 Here at the bunker of The Feral Irishmans, I used the NEVER10 app last week after one of my laptops decided to load 10 on it's own. It took a while but I got the machine to rollback and was lucky enough to not have any issues as of yet.

 I also applied  the app to the other computers that are all running 7 Professional.  So far, fingers crossed, it has worked.

If you're a Window 7 or 8 user, here are a few techniques to stop Microsoft from shoving a Windows 10 "upgrade" up your nose without your permission.


Take heed.  If you're not already a victim, don't get complacent. Microsoft is now pushing Windows 10 even harder.


And sneakier.


Why?  Because they CAN.  It all so . . .  so _Soviet_!

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  1. Windows 10 is a good operating system. Beats Windows 8 by a million miles. Microsoft wants to support one system, understandably, and not support old systems. I understand wanting to keep Windows 7 or other old operating system but most people want to upgrade and have the system that continues to get support. I am not all that happy about the many automatic functions of new operating systems but I do understand why it is better for Microsoft to assure that all computers running their software get regular updates.

  2. I was understandably skeptical of Windows 10 but it has been way better than all of the Windows versions I have used back to the beginning of time. No regrets. Now if we could get the idiots that install the Yahoo toolbar to stop loading when the Java update comes along, I'd be happier. I seem to miss that checkbox option that they default to checked, every time.

  3. Never10 shuts off the registry entries for the Win10 update. Should be permanent, that is until Micro$oft "fixes" it.

  4. Having been a victim of Windows 8, I for one welcomed our Windows 10 overlords.

  5. I wish I had read this yesterday.

  6. I wish I had read this yesterday.

  7. I kept Windows 10 out of my computer by using Linux. Seems to work.

  8. The best way to deal with windows is use unix.

  9. If I'm using XP will it infect my computer?
    XP works fine for me.


    1. I don't think it will "infect" or upgrade your OS without your permission. However, I recently moved to Win8.1 after building a new machine and now enjoy quad processors, 16GB of RAM, 64 bit addressing/naming and more than 2TB HDD support and USB 3.0. It is fast. I'm happy.

    2. Huh.
      I've really no idea what you just said, except that I don't have to worry about that windows 10 stuff.
      What I do have is a '06 (I think) Dell XPS M1710.
      Seems to work just fine.
      Plays whatever I want without buffering and stuff like that.


    3. Ok. If that works for you, great.


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