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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Capital Is Getting Buried In Snow And Has Come To A Standstill..... A Poll

How Will It Affect You?

I don't care.
I really don't care.
I truly don't give a fuck.
It can shut down for a year no loss.
I hope it falls into the ocean.
I need a beer to celebrate!
Poll Maker

   * As long as no little old ladies get hurt.


  1. I picked falling into the ocean over shut down for a year on the caviat that all the politicians and useless political hanger ons as well as the career paper pushers fall in with ut.


  2. Then there's that little old lady in an apartment somewhere, with no electricity, in the dark, and it's getting colder.

    1. 'S OK. I'm just thinking about the time about the old lady in the other half of the duplex I lived in when the power went out in December. It was out for a week, and the rest of the neighborhood was restored. I lived on my kerosene stove and sat in the dark after work for a week. I finally knocked on her door, and she seemed OK and was bundled up well. I went for about 5 days without a shower, and went down to the local public swimming pool to clean up, and when I got home, the electricity was back on. Good grief.

  3. At last. A poll that asks the right question and gives you all the right choices! Love it!

    1. For a change, I am with the majority on that one. If it fell into the ocean, then I would grab the beer.

  4. Hi Irish,
    Trouble is There are a bunch of those "Little Old Ladies" out there and we Gotta take care of 'em!! C
    Try like He2xL and "Then" let the dirt slide into the ocean........
    Only that ain't gonna happen for a while..... the "Left Coast" hs all the "Geologic Activity!!" The "Appalachian Geocyncline " which is the east coast version of the Rockies has been dormant for eon's!!!!! Washington ain't going nowhere!!! Only thing that can happen there is it can get "Drowned" from Al Gore's Global Warmng whrn all the sea levels rise!! Bless his Heart!!!
    Got Politics...OUTLAW!!!!,
    Play your "Trump Card!!".....OUTLAW!!!!!,

  5. Do Hillary and Di. Fi. count as little old ladies?


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