Monday, January 18, 2016

Byron MacGregor - Americans From 1973

"The Americans" is a famous commentary by the late Canadian broadcaster Gordon Sinclair. Originally written for a regular broadcast on CFRB radio in Toronto on June 5, 1973, it became a media and public phenomenon. It was replayed several times a day by some United States radio stations and released as a hit audio recording in several forms. Ronald Reagan credited it for giving comfort to the United States in difficult times, and it was widely rediscovered and re-disseminated as the United States faced new crises in the 2000s.



  1. I listened to Byron McGregor when he was a DJ on CKLW out of Windsor Canada when I was a kid in Michigan. I still have that recording stored on my computer. It came out when I was a senior in High school.

    1. Ah Windsor. I went there a few times during my freshman year at UofM in Ann Arbor. 1981


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