Friday, January 22, 2016

I Missed This Scene.....


  1. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Downright Disturbing. Great film.

  2. Many years ago I had the theme music to The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly as my ringtone. My son was at the State wrestling finals and his match was just about to start and my phone goes off. The audience went crazy.

  3. Great theme song, but in the movie, that scene went on for about 2 minutes too long! LOL!

  4. Hi Irish,
    Funny thing you should mention that!!!! I do the "Door Guy" job at the "Local Box Store" They have a bunch of "TV's" all lined up by the door with a bunch of "Cartoon stuff" playing!! A person can only take "So Much of that!!" On my way back from my coffee break, I noticed an "Eastwood Collection!!" only $9.00 "Wa-La!!" Four "Spaghetti Westerns and the G., B. & U. were in it!!!!!" After I get tired of the Good, Bad & Ugly, I may go for "Hang em' High!! or Fist Full of Dollars>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hell they are all Good!! But!!!!!.....Plug in one of those movies....and "Think about it" "FREEDOM!!!!!" Back in "The Day" none of those Characters had "Social Security Numbers" or "Paid INCOME TAXES!!!!!!!!"
    Think about IT!!!!,
    Got spurs on your boots????....... OUTLAW!!!!,

    1. Hi Irish,
      I have hit upon this before......but, it is worth mentioning again.... Towards the end of GB&U ol' "Tuco" is immersed in a "Bubble Bath" and one of his adversaries disturbs the scene!! "HOLY SH!#!!" "5 Rounds" I think the first 3 are from under the "Soap Bubbles!!' Well Troopers, ya' just gotta ' loosen' up yer' trigger finger and dial in, < >
      Now Boyz and Gurlz!! One thing I have learned from "That" Movie is "Situational Awareness!!".....Because....."When You have to shoot........'SHOOOOOOT DON'T TALK!!!!!!!" And ...Shut up!!! And Let YOUR LAWYER TALK FOR YOU!!!!!!"
      Got 6 Rounds of .45 COLT!!!!......OUTLAW!!!!!!,
      (Or 7 Rounds of .45ACP!!!!! {a bit more modern+1}),
      Got Gunz........OUTLAW!!!!!!,
      PS Lee VanCleve, and Harrison Ford ain't bad either!!!


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