Monday, January 19, 2015

Some Links For The Overnight.....
** Quote from JFK.  Can you imagine ANY of today's Democrats saying this?
** Smart power and an army of cultural experts... and Lurch still screws up.
** Quote: "If your kids grow up like this: <picture> .and their kids grow up like this: <picture> .which language will
your grandchildren speak, English or Arabic?"

** Amen.  And if you get labeled a "McCarthy-ite" tell them "McCarthy was right, the US government was riddled with
Communists."  Not that facts have any effect on the Left.
** Quote: "If you've never really played or watched serious political hardball, or watched as a world runs head first
into a meat grinder, just watch Russia.  School is in session.  You are watching it all happen now, real-time."
** Amazing statistics.
** What do the Swiss know?  And will we learn about it before things collapse?  Or will we be told, Kevin Bacon
style, "Be calm, all is well"? even as the world economy collapses?
(Caps in original.)  >> Been saying that for years now.

** Use this to slam the "hottest year on record" alarmists.  Related:
** I don't mind data adjustments; I've done it in my career.  But I've never, never, never gotten
rid of the original data so that if someone needed to double-check me, I had the source data which
I freely and readily turned over.  The fact that so many scientists and agencies not only overwrite the
original data, and conceal that fact and the methodologies they use to do SCREAMS "this is BS".  Two
other articles from the same source:
** Take a look at the picture of a temperature recording site.  You seriously believe that the data's
not totally distorted at that location?
** Read this quote by Winston Churchill about Islam.
** I played "Cowboys and Indians" when I was young.  Somehow I don't think it even comes close to this.
** So we have an interesting conundrum.  A vast majority of French say that Muslims are not compatible with French
society.  You have the leadership and media hectoring the population for that.  Resentment will build.  As more
attacks come, resentment will grow into fury... and IMHO a "charismatic leader" will arise, appeal to that 74%,
and get elected in a wave that will likely be duplicated in other countries too.  Faced with overt hostility from
their new countries, even those who want to assimilate will recoil and become radicalized - which will polarize
the two sides further.  And the skirmishes will start, and with populist, nativist government, it will get ugly.
** I remember, back in high school, we played a team we had no right to play.  We got creamed; it was humiliating.
And it inspired us to drill harder, play harder, work together better.  The next time we still got creamed, but
not by as much.  Note: there was no way we were ever going to train hard enough to win over them - the disparity
between the schools was that great.  But even knowing this, we worked to get better.
** Quote: "The U.S. and the rest of the world are setting records, but they are records for how cold it has become
everywhere. There was snow recently in Saudi Arabia from a storm that swept across Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel,
and Jordan. Does that sound like global warming to you? For an excellent source of information on the cooling of
the planet, visit"  >> THUS the beauty of the rebranding from WARMING to CHANGE.
** The similarity in Leftist and Jihadist thought is striking.

** She's beautiful, talented, capable, independent.  She should be everything they admire.  But she's a gun-lover.
No wonder the Leftists are in such a fury.  I have this image of Donald Sutherland from "Invasion of the Body
Snatchers" at the end, screaming and pointing.
** "Don't say we're violent or we'll kill you."
** Watch for this report to be "held" until Barackus is out of office.  And even then, the MSM will work to
bury anything.  Bet on it.  Likely released just as the administrations are transitioning, so there will
be lots to swamp and obscure it.
** Remember, these people are MISSIONARIES to to the ultimate goal of creating a Socialist utopia.  Any lie, any
distortion, any misdirection in that service are ALL GOOD because they believe in the holiness of THE CAUSE.
Related to the Leftist cause:
** The rich must be punished.  Except for the "right ones" who give money to The Party.  They're OK.
** Quote: "Even a broken clock is still right twice per day. If it were mere incompetence that led Obama to
spend the last six years advancing the interests of militant Islam at every turn, there would at least
occasionally be something he did that benefited its victims instead, even if by pure accident."  >> Being a
Muslim is not, per se, an issue.  Concealing it IS an issue, especially in light of the Islamic practice of
Taqquiyya, lying to advance the faith.  If he is a Muslim and is lying about it, what else is he lying about?
** Imagine the outrage if a legal business... say the abortion industry... were similarly targeted.
** Quote: "It will take a generation to live down this disgraceful farce of a presidency."
** Which is what makes Sisi's speech so seminal... and so lethal to the Left's argument that Islam as practiced
today by so many is a "Religion of Peace".  That's why there is such a blackout on news of it.  For the Left
to report it, it would undermine their claims and force them to admit, publically, that they are wrong on a
major statement.
** How about third time's the charm - up against a wall and shoot them?  Bet that would cut down on the repeat offenders.

** They live in their rich parents' homes.  Figures.  Hey mom and dad, give them the boot.  Maybe if
they have to work for a living... speaking of which, who is funding them?
** Steal from the frugal to give to the wastrel.
** It is very hard for people who are civilized, who think and act and want a civil society, to grasp that there are people who think this way...
because it's so far outside their own experience.
** Fantastic motto.
** I really like this guy to the point of subscribing to his feed; in this piece he makes a critical
point about free speech and theocracy.
** Don't like the guy, but... on this at least, he has a principle and stands up for it.  Kudos.
** Quote: "The Times changed its headline during the day on Thursday. But the bottom line is that they're really only interested in hearing from
Muslims. And the stupid Jews keep reading that rag and trusting it as a news source."
** Quote: "The riots in Ferguson and New York were just the warm up act for these thugs. They are looking to create what they think is an American
Spring, which will push every radical and Communist ideal there is out there. It will scream racism, go after the police and alphabet agencies,
cry social and environmental injustice, push demands for Islamic acceptance and Shariah law - and in the mix will be the ever-present Jew-hatred
which is the kindling for their hatred."  >> And all the "good Jews" who play along and help will find themselves, suddenly, turned on - because
after all is said and done, even if "good", they'll still just be Jews.
** Are they within their legal right to do this?  Probably.  But it's very worrisome.  It's not the capability, it's the intent.
** The Nazis were good; today's Left is better.  Be afraid.
** A fish rots from the head.  Rome fell because the leaders had given up even as its farmers and soldiers still loved it.
** Silencing critics is what Islam does.  Same for the Left.  I and others have observed that neither creed tolerates dissent.
** Two young women pose for a quick pic... and an uproar.  How dare you pose with a Jew?
** How... convenient.  And the follow-up post:
** He knew he was a target.  Proven right.  Note that I'm not excusing the crime, but... this is something the Left just
doesn't grasp - that nations know they're playing for "all the marbles".  I am reminded of the movie "Sneakers" (good
flick IMHO) in which, upon understanding that they have an electronic box that can decode any US code, a former spook
who is now on the team says "There isn't a nation on earth that wouldn't kill us all to get that box."
** HA!  And when they blame Israel, ask about that line in the Marine Corps hymn: "To the shores of Tripoli".
** Cruz is, IMHO, correct.  Another milquetoast candidate and the base will stay away for good.  People want a choice,
not an echo.
** MLK Jr.  And note how he describes the open discrimination against him.  Are there still racists?  Alas, yes.  But
there are also still people who think Elvis is alive.  Back then one could say "nigger" and nobody would bat an eyelash.
Now, I suspect there are people questioning my use of the written word, let alone the - justifiable - horror were I to
let loose with that as an actual descriptor of a black person (and not as a rhetorical device, which I've done on
occasion - albeit carefully).  The point?  We've come a long, long way since then, but to those who make their living
stoking the flames of division, they'll always think we've done nothing.
** Not sure about all of this, especially as this guy dissed Reagan's tax cuts as "trickle down".  But I certainly agree
that the markets are a bubble.
** Coffee spew alert.  What this guy can't stand is having to listen to voices and thoughts that disagree with him.
** Because it's only blacks killing blacks.  Now, if it had been white, or Jewish, perpetrators...
** All good, but here's a key question: "Also: could you be coaxed into committing mass murder? Would you do it for love or
money or anything at all?"
** A MUST-READ.  One quote jumped out at me: "I used to think that only a monstrous catastrophe could save us, could provoke
people to think again and to see the world as it really is, and could convince us to rise at last to our own defense - I mean
something really enormous, that would make 9/11 look like a mere skirmish. Now I'm not so sure."  >> I'm not so sure either.
We could see NYC vanish in a flash, and there would be those who rushed to excuse the attack.
** Not just an AMEN.  Combine this with the one just above.  So much of the problem the West faces is the denial (above) of
this simple truth: not all religions, not all cultures, are the same.  Some are better.
** It's about diluting the uncooperative native population in favor of those who will vote Democrat.
** Every time I think these people have hit rock bottom, they haul out jackhammers.

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