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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Never Thought I Would See These Numbers... Bumped

 I Had posted this picture yesterday and for some reason it didn't show up on some computers?

This is in Southern NH.  Jeffery posted a pic below of cheaper prices and Angrymike commented

that he saw $1.59 a gallon in Ohio.

What are you seeing for prices around the country?


  1. In the buck seventy range in the twons in northeast Texas, cheaper in Dallas and suburbs, higher in the country.

  2. Its been bouncin between 1.89- 1.99-2.05-2.09 here in amish country, Ohio. The lowest I ever saw it recently and got was 1.79.

  3. $1.75 Charleston, S.C. and fallin

  4. $1.74 in eastern Nebraska. More important to me, diesel just dropped another .10 to $2.59. Whooot!!

  5. $1.05 with my fuel perks from all the groceries i buy. I did a little happy dance.

  6. $1.82 in Corpus Christi, right next to Valero, Flint Hills Resources and Citgo refineries. Methinks we're getting screwed!


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