Friday, June 28, 2013

Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam.... Your Earworm For The Day..

This is pure gold..........

You see me rolling around in a black Mercedes
cruising around town and it's packed with ladies
Gotta keep it going yeah I'm roaming the map
No I never stop until I find something to tap

Awww yeah...
Nokia, iPhone, Galaxy 3
Facebook and your search history
Gmail, voicemail, I'm gonna grab it
if it's got an on/off switch, baby, I'll tap it

I'm making a list, checking it twice
it doesn't matter the message or even kind of device
Every pic your daughter sends?  We've got it ingrained
Why do you think Anthony Weiner wants back in the game?

Surveilling reporters, don't ever forget it
I got so many AP docs you'd think I'm getting college credit
Yeah we're saving your searches, that's just a reality
"Yes We Can" ain't just a slogan it's our view on legality

I'll tell you this, sir, I greatly abhor
your violating the Constitution upon which you swore
and a full investigation is needed and more
You ever Google Justin Bieber pics?  I yield back the floor…

H/T to reader Bayouwulf

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  1. Pastime for a totalitarian society... making fun of your situation. I guess I better get used to it. Getting upset and writing letters to my congressmen hasn't done any good.


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