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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ya..This Sounds Like A Lot Of Fun...."Urban Beach Week"

 Am I just getting old and cranky to not want to go enjoy a nice weekend vacation
in Miami?

Sun, sand, music and heightened security pretty much sums up Memorial Day Weekend on South Beach.

..... beefing up security as much as possible.

..... Cameras, both mobile and stationary, have been installed throughout the city.
..... three watch towers.

..... Roughly 400 officers per shift

 .... 140-thousand dollar light tactical all-terrain vehicle, similar to the ones used in the military.

....  “A dark beach at night, I would compare it to a dark alley in a big city,” said the officer.

.... Police will use license plate readers on the causeways to quickly scan for stolen vehicles or owners with outstanding felony warrants.

..... In addition, a massive DUI checkpoint is planned for the MacArthur Causeway heading into the beach on Friday night.

Now go read the article and see how wonderful CBS can make this sound...



  1. Derbyshire's Rule 10 forbids me from going to any event with the word "urban" in it.

    1. Thanks Bob.. I just looked that up. I guess I have been practicing that without knowing there were
      already rules in place :)


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