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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Book Goes Back To the Shelf, One Comes Off...... Mother's Milk..... Steamy G-nite

I gave up on TV awhile ago since everything on the boobtube sucks. That leaves plenty of time for reading some good books. I just finished Larry Correia's Monster Hunter Legion and it didn't disappoint at all ( just as good as the others imho).

 I just cracked open The God of The Machine so I haven't really had a chance to get some time into turning the pages.

Mmmmmm.. my friend Geoff calls this "Mother's Milk"...

Baileys Irish Cream, Buttershots Schnapps, Ketel One Vodka.. equal parts....

Steamy  G-nite.....

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  1. Monster hunter legion? Any good? i am sure it is better than Bigfoot war.

  2. I must have had a tough time with The God of the Machine as I read it but can't recall much of it. Have you read "The Law" by Frederick Bastiat? It is available for a free download.

  3. It's amazing, I too have given up completely on the TV, and I'm not the only one I know. I have quite a few friends that were enlightened before me, but I never knew till I mentioned it to them...........

  4. Both good books but I see one problem. YOUR FUCKING GLASS IS TOO SMALL!


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