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Saturday, May 25, 2013

60's Theme Song For The Weather Around Here Lately....

Saturday: Ugly start to summer (unofficially) with periods of rain, drizzle & wind. High temps near 50 this morning, only to fall back into the mid 40s mid to late afternoon. Wind NNW 15-25mph.
Sunday: Cloudy with drizzle in the morning and then some clearing by afternoon. Could be another pop-up shower, however, much of the afternoon is dry. Highs from 55-60. Northwest wind 5-10mph.


  1. The locals here would call that a calm rain map.

  2. At least Monday is supposed to be decent. Going down to 40 in my area tonight. Global warming my ass.

  3. BJ Thomas .... Oh man, I met that guy in the Wagon Wheel Lounge on I think it was 48th street NY City in 1966. I was gigging there at about 2 am and he was sitting there by himself. He asked us if we would like to be his back up band and we said no. That's one of my 15 minutes. i don't think he was heard of again until today .... here ..... now.


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