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Saturday, May 25, 2013

THIS is why nothing ever changes in Washington D.C., and only continues to get worse... an interesting essay.

 I've snipped out a section:


The fly in the ointment of their globalist plans, has been the United States of America, which has been an economic powerhouse, due to manufacturing know-how, ingenuity, strong property rights and an economic system that fosters innovation.  As an added bonus, those same unruly Americans are armed to the teeth.  How does one bring down such a large stumbling-block to the well-laid globalist plans?
Corrupt their country, of course.  This has been done by corrupting the staunch property rights by eroding the rule of law, the work ethic of Americans in the schools, corrupting the parent-child relationship, and making the international trading laws such that the economy of the USA can be hollowed-out.  To further corrupt Americans, turn every possible group one against the next (think of hyphen use in how you identify yourself, while I am simply “American”), pit the poor against the rich, pit the right against the left, and militarize the police so that people are afraid to speak up, to stand for what’s right.

Go read the rest if you want:

 Here          The ONE Mitigating Circumstance…


This is the author's disclaimer at the end of the article:

 Please let me know your thoughts, on this…  I’m not a professional blogger, I just do this to hopefully put out useful information, and perhaps synthesize “the big picture” into something manageable, better understood, I guess you could say…  So I guess it’s my weird way of keeping my sanity, in an insane world.  If you have suggestions on what else I should study and write about, I’m open to your thoughts…  Capitalist Eric

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