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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kilted To Kick Cancer....

Jay G. , my blogfather (PBUH), is participating in the KTKC donation drive for the month of September.

If you have few extra bucks hanging around and you feel the urge to donate, go to this link and scroll down and look for this section to donate:   


If it's humiliation that'll get you to donate, I'm your huckleberry. Put me in the top fundraising position with your donations (which, I hasten to add, also gives you more tickets to use in my prize giveaway...), and I'll wear the hot pink kilt in next year's sidebar picture. Yes, the picture that will stay on my sidebar all month long will be of me wearing a hot pink kilt. Should you decide to donate to me, you can accomplish that here:

Prostate Cancer Foundation


You might also be interested in some prizes that are being offered if you donate. You can send Jay an email with your choice of the 1 out of 6 prizes you could win!

Here is the list of prizes:  (  I chose number 5  if I were to win )


It's for a good cause.




  1. I had prostate cancer. BAD! I got lucky. The blood test proved what the digital exam could not! Anyone who thinks the blood test is worthless should be shot!
    Nuff said!

  2. Or, donate through EvylRobot and see me in a skin-tight catsuit. :D
    You know, if you're into that sort of thing. I know, blog-family loyalty and all.

    1. Yowzaa... this competition is getting hot :)

      I DON'T want to see Jay in a catsuit!!

  3. Just as soon as I get my cancer donations done. I will donate. Cancer, of any type sucks. I never thought about wearing a kilt. The thong thing is bad enough.

  4. Done, just hope I did it right. Poppy is a 14-year prostate cancer survivor. They found his in a routine pre-op checkup for an artificial knee. Saved his life.

  5. Thanks, PISSED.

    You know, I can turn that around. Donate to me so I *DON'T* wear a skin-tight catsuit...

    1. No Prob Jay :)

      Everyone PLEASE donate to Jay so he WON'T wear that cat suit..ewwwwww

  6. (Oh, and thanks to everyone who donated - be sure to e-mail me and tell me which prize you'd like a "ticket" for!)

  7. If you won #5, and you lived a wee bit closer, I'd put together any thing you wanted.... but there's that 6 or 700 mile gap between us.......;(


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